Our aim is to help you achieve the clean that you want, provide good service, and have you return to us for your cleaning needs.

To do that we need your understanding and help.

1. We provide estimates, not quotes.
A quote provides a fixed price, which does not suit cleaning in most cases. The estimate may rise or fall depending on what we find. If we believe that the job will take longer, we will ring you first, before we commence. We then ask that you text or email your approval/non-approval of any extension of time. With our experience, our estimates are most commonly within range. In all cases we discuss the length and cost of the clean prior to cleaning. Sometimes it is in writing, and sometimes it is verbal, followed up by an email.

2. Tell us what you want or do not want done.
We ask that you be as accurate as possible in your description of what needs to be done. Tell us on the booking form what you want done, or don’t want done.

3. Tell us about your property.
We ask that you be as accurate as possible in the description of your property, especially the size of the rooms. The more detail we have, like how big it is, or if there are any special features, will help us to give you a more accurate estimate.

4. Our safety is important to us.
We ask that you let us know when you make the booking, or before we start the clean, if there are any hazards on or in your property, for example broken windows, uneven or slippery pathways, loose stair railings or faulty electrical points. There may be others. This will help us get your clean done as efficiently but safely as possible.

5. We need to access your property.
If we arrive at the property and the access is not as described, and we have to wait for the matter to be resolved, we reserve the right to charge a fee of one hour, whether we still complete the job or not.

6. You need to make a booking.
We will not clean your property unless you have made a formal booking and accepted the terms and conditions. If you then cancel your booking with late notice we reserve the right to charge a fee of one hour.

7. We need to be able to contact you.
You must have a valid email address and telephone number, so that we can contact you if need be, either before, during or after the clean.

8. Our charges to you.
Our pricing is simple to work out and is calculated per hour per cleaner. This is explained clearly on the website. We ask that you read the pricing section before you make your booking.

9. Payment for our services.
On making the booking you accept the terms and conditions when you type in your name. These include that we accept payment by internet banking or cash only (we DO NOT accept credit cards or cheques) and that payment for our cleaning services are due on the day of service, upon invoice. Unpaid invoices after 10 days have 10% interest added and are passed onto our debt collector, in which case you are liable for any costs incurred, including debt collector’s and/or solicitor’s fees.

If there is going to be an issue with payment, discuss it with us first before we start the clean. We may be able to come to some arrangement. If on reasonable grounds during the clean we become unsure of your commitment to pay us either at the end of the clean, or on invoice, we may stop cleaning, charge you for what we have done, and consider charging the remainder of the cleaning time as booked.

10. We want you to be happy with our service.
If after the clean you have a concern, contact us straight away so we can resolve the issue. If you don’t, or you clean it yourself, then we can’t resolve it and your invoice will be due as is.